A Watershed Event on Route 44

Meredith Frenchmeyer (an intern from Cornell Cooperative Extension Durtchess County)  hands materials out to Rotarians Jan Miller, Molly Olson, Juan Rodriguez and Sean Jones for their July 14th clean up of Route 44.  Photo by Charlotte Mann.
As a “Wetland Sponsor” of Dutchess Watershed Awareness Month, the Millbrook Rotary Club had a group of its members meet last Saturday morning at 7:45 to physically clean up the Millbrook section of Route 44. Armed with bright yellow T-shirts, gloves, garbage bags, snacks and drinking water, the Rotarians picked up the garbage and cleaned our main thorough fare which itself is considered “Watershed Land”. The mission of the Dutchess Watershed Coalition is to promote awareness and active participation of the community in the stewardship of the land and water resources of Dutchess County through educational and recreational events such as this one. This year’s theme is “Where Does the Water Go?”  With this past year’s flooding still fresh in our minds, the Coalition wants to help residents understand where exactly their water goes and how that impacts its quantity and quality. The Coalition is made up of local volunteer groups who work in conjunction with specialized organizations including: Cornell Cooperative Extension Dutchess County, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Hudson River Estuary Program, and the Vassar Environmental Research Institute.  For more information on this month’s events see the website at http://dutchesswam.com.