Town of Washington Board Report

The Town of Washington Town Board met last Thursday to review what is going on in town and the plans for the coming months.  

A 1987 law known as the Flood Damage Prevention Law, which complies with federal requirements for flood insurance, was amended during the meeting.  A couple of issues are being put off until the May 10 board meeting.  According to Supervisor Gary Ciferri, the town is not ready to have a full-blown director of joint emergencies. Instead of being run by one individual, it will be run by the board: the supervisor, mayor and a representative from each board. The definition of “director” will be further discussed at the May 10 meeting. Also set aside for May 10 was the public hearing for disaster planning. In related news, according to Highway Superintendent James Brownell, all project work related to Hurricane Irene has been completed. The Cary Institute is holding a conference on hydrofracking on May 5 from 9 A.M. to 12 P.M. The three-hour session is open to anyone. 


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