Town’s Health Insurance Up More Than 18 Percent; Assessments Down; No Place for Dogs

At the town board meeting for the Town of Washington last week, we learned that health insurance rates have skyrocketed, work could possibly done on residents’ houses for free, the total assessed value of the town declined by 4 percent, and stray dogs have no home.    Bookkeeper Laura Hurley reported that the total assessed values of the town has dropped 4 percent since 2005. In that year, the Town of Washington had the largest assessed value in the county. Right now, the town’s property value is assessed at $2 billion. According to Hurley, this is important, because the value of the town affects the residents. Hurley also reported that the cost of health insurance for town employees is expected to increase 18.7 percent for the upcoming year. The rate increase has been in double digits for the past four years. Hurley reported that there is a bank balance of $34,000 remaining in the Comprehensive Plan fund and $59,900 in the parks fund. 
This is an excerpt from an article in this week's issue. For the full story please see the newspaper.