Tanker spill in Verbank

A model of emergency response
Nicole DiPilato was getting her children ready for school around 8 a.m. Thursday, May 31 when she heard what sounded like a thunderclap and then the lights went out.  They live off Route 82 in Verbank at the turn just south of the firehouse.   The sound came from the road.  They looked out and saw a tanker truck upended at the foot of their lawn.  Nicole called 911 while her husband ran down to see what he could do.  Nicole said the emergency people arrived within minutes and she was told to get her children out because of the possibility of an explosion. The County Sheriff’s office was among the first on the scene and they took over the immediate safety concerns, working with the Union Vale and Verbank Fire Departments. The driver, who was unhurt, had swerved off the road to avoid southbound vehicle that had wondered over the centerline.  The tanker’s right wheels ended up in a ditch that was deep enough to bring the cab and its tank over onto its side and eventually flipping the cab.  The right side of the cab’s door was sheered off.  The tank was dented and one section carrying gasoline ruptured leaking over 3000 gallons into the ditch and into the nearby Sprout Creek. The tanks carrying ethylene, a highly volatile fuel, were not ruptured. The tanker had been carrying over 9,000 gallons. The tanker belong to All Aboard Transport The truck sheered off an electric pole, cutting electric service to everyone in the vicinity.  Power was restored later that day by Central Hudson.
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