Olivet University to manage Dover Knolls

In a meeting with representatives of Olivet University and Olivet Management late last week, this paper learned that Olivet University in San Francisco has approximately 250 on-campus students and is in its tenth year of operation. It has seven areas of specialization, forming seven colleges. They are Theology, Music, Graphic Design, Journalism, Language Education, Business and Information Technology.

Olivet Management was formed to run the properties that have been acquired with a view to expanding the university. In addition to the Dover Knolls property in the Town of Dover, Olivet Management currently manages other properties in the United States, including one in Houston, Texas.  

Olivet University presently has a business school that offers business courses in New York City. It has applied for a charter from the New York State Department of Education that would authorize it to create a new, Christian based university in the state.

Tony Chiu, a trustee of Olivet University, said the university has a five-year plan for the Dover campus that anticipates a population of 500 students in the first year, pending necessary approvals. Olivet is still in the preliminary planning stages, however, so no plans are firm. Mr. Chiu explained that funds have been promised from alumni and friends for the development of the Dover campus.