Noise at TOW Board Meeting, Tax Delinquencies Up

At June’s monthly Town of Washington Town Board meeting, one frustrated Washington resident said he wants something to be done about the noise he has been subjected to in the confines of his own home.    John Striker moved into the Town of Washington last September. He was unprepared for an hour and a half of automatic gunfire he compared to “war games” that emanated from his neighbor’s property. He made it clear that it’s not a matter of guns. Rather, it’s a matter of a “neighbor who can do anything to destroy your quality of life.” He said he complained to the State Police. He was told there was nothing they could do because what his neighbors did was not against any law in the Town of Washington.   There is no noise ordinance to help residents like Striker. Amenia does have a section of their Zoning Law devoted to protecting residents from noise. The section states it is “to protect residences from non-agricultural nuisances, odors, noise, pollution, and unsightly, obtrusive, and offensive land uses and activities.”   As with any noise ordinance, there is a struggle to define what level of noise constitutes a “nuisance.”
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