George Maragos Introduces his Policy Statement to New York

George Maragos
Three Republicans are competing in the June 26 primary for the right to challenge Kirsten Gillibrand in the November U.S Senate race.  We here give what information we can on each of the three candidates.   George Maragos has the most thorough policy statement of the three candidates (see Policy, below).    Maragos is presently the elected Nassau County Comptroller. He had a career in banking, consulting and information systems before running, in 2009, for County Comptroller at a time when the county was running a $200 million deficit.  That soon ballooned to a $300 million deficit. The county was taken over by an Interim Finance Authority in 2011 to provide fiscal discipline. In 2012 the authority “reluctantly” handed back power to the elected officials after an austerity budget was adopted. The county had to borrow $450 million to pay its bills.   Maragos was born in Greece.  He immigrated to Montreal and in 1958 graduated first in his class as valedictorian. He was a star athlete in baseball, football, soccer and hockey.   He graduated from McGill, married, and went to work for Bell Canada. He became one of the youngest managers in the global technology organization.He was recruited by Booz Allen and Hamilton to work on U.S. Military Defense Command and Control Systems. He then joined Chase Manhattan Bank, becoming a vice president.  He earned an MBA in Finance from Pace University.   In 1985 he became a naturalized American citizen.   In 1986, he joined as Citibank as Vice President. In 1989, he founded SDS Financial Technologies and served as President for over 20 years.   George is married to Angela and has two sons, a daughter-in-law and two grandchildren.  They live in Great Neck.   POLICY- The following is taken from Maragos’ website.   1. Energy - Development of all available domestic energy sources must be a top priority. The Keystone XL pipeline should be approved; natural gas exploration should be allowed in New York. The choice between energy exploration and environmental protection is a false choice – it can be done both safely and efficiently with the right regulatory reforms.   America must also become the leader in safe, clean, renewable energy production.   2.  Reduce Government Deficit and Entitlements.  The federal government is running an annual deficit of over $1.5 trillion because of uncontrolled pork barrel spending, wasteful stimulus policies, and ever-expanding entitlement programs.  Our national debt has mushroomed to over $14 trillion.I would support a balanced budget amendment and legislation to eliminate earmarks.   Medicare and Social Security are a sacred commitment to our seniors and should be protected.   3.  Foreign Policy.  We must bring all of our troops home now! We must recommit our resources to benefit Americans. Our foreign policy must be driven by National Interest alone. Foreign aid should be given only to worthy allies.   Israel should maintain its right to defend itself and negotiate peace terms in a manner that is satisfactory to the State of Israel and its people.  As our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel, deserves our unwavering support in the ongoing Middle East conflicts.   We must ask ourselves why we are footing the bill to protect Europe, the Middle East, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan with our troops without demanding contribution from these countries that benefit from our presence.  They should pay for their defense just like Americans.    I will support a strong military as vital to our national security.   4.  Strong National Security.  We must acknowledge that we are engaged in a War on Terror against Islamic extremists…  using all means necessary.  CIA covert operations and drone attacks have proven much more effective and should be prioritized over conventional warfare.  Captured foreign terrorists should be treated as enemy combatants and tried before military tribunals - not civilian courts.   Our State should also be the home of the Homeland Security Industry and thousands of related jobs.   5. Education.  Race to the Top …will spend billions of dollars while our children continue to under perform… the federal government has failed our children. Regulations do not educate…. The federal Department of Education should be abolished and authority be given back to the states.       6. Taxes.I will support a "Fair Tax" that will provide tax relief for middle class families, eliminate the Alternative Minimum Tax, offer tax credits for childcare and college tuition, and tax incentives for companies that provide work place child care.   7.  Affordable Health Care For All Americans.  The Health Care Reform Act must be repealed….  it is a jobs killer….  We can achieve affordable and quality health care for everyone through tort reform, aggressive reductions in Medicare and Medicaid fraud, interstate health insurance competition, and free and open pharmaceutical and medical markets.   8.  Immigration.  America has always welcomed legal immigrants and should always continue to do so…. the lack of enforcement of our current federal immigration laws has resulted in uncontrolled illegal immigration and sapped the limited resources of local governments.  We are a nation of laws. We must enforce all our laws and secure our borders.   9. Pro Life.  I personally do not support abortion as a form of birth control and believe it should be limited to cases where the mother's life is in danger, or there has been rape or incest…. Human life is precious; we need to do more to promote adoption as a more humane alternative…. I oppose federal funding for abortion and I support parental consent and notification.   10.  Marriage Equality.  I personally believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman.   11.  Second Amendment.  I support the Second Amendment that allows citizens in good standing to keep and bear arms. I support safe and responsible gun ownership and smart programs to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.