The Biz Buzz

The Millbrook Business Association is all abuzz with plans to run a “Shop Millbrook” campaign, presented by its Shop Millbrook committee at last week’s quarterly meeting, held at The Fountains. The campaign is slated to run a full-page ad in the Dutchess County Tourism Guide, which will reach some 80,000 people interested in coming to Dutchess. Five thousand copies of a brochure featuring our local retailers will be distributed at various tourism centers through out the county. The campaign emphasizes the advantages of shopping in Millbrook “For the Different. The Distinctive. The Unique.” The brochure goes on to say:  “Millbrook is for shoppers—people who really love to shop. Each store has its own distinctive style born from the taste, the resources, and the expertise of its proprietor.” Compelling to shoppers and ringing true about our stores, the ad continues, “Millbrook shops offer merchandise you’ll not find at the mall or at any major retail chain. In fact, much of it is unlikely to be found anywhere else. In Millbrook, you can treasure hunt for the “special,” the rare, the perfect item for you or someone you know. Each stop. Each shop. As Unique as Millbrook Itself.”

The ad and brochure also feature 15- to 20 Millbrook retailers and eateries in and near the Village of Millbrook that offer unique merchandise and thus exemplify the uniqueness of Millbrook. Only members of the Millbrook Business Association are being solicited for participation, so joining the MBA is part of the price of entry. But it looks as if belonging to the association is worth the $150 annual fee if it will build business for its members.