Jelena Vadanjel-Doukas

Jelena Vadanjel-Doukas is “in residence” at Alden Place Elementary, teaching art and design to fifth-graders.  Twice a week Jelena (pronounced Yell-in-ah), who is from Croatia, coaches 80 fifth-graders while they create storyboards that complement their oral folklore presentations for the “Western Hemisphere” unit in the curriculum. One of the main objectives is for students to learn storytelling and the basics of graphic art. 

The artist in residency program was made possible through matching grants from the Dutchess Arts Council and Millbrook Education Foundation.  Vadanjel-Doukas was a volunteer at the Grace Church Preschool for several months.  It was there that she met the former director of the Millbrook Education Foundation, Diane Schnoor. Schnoor (who also wrote theater reviews for this newspaper) assisted in putting together a grant through the Dutchess County Arts Council. Vadanjel-Doukas was awarded the grant to serve as guest artist at Alden Place.  

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