Flowers under your Knees

Needlepoint kneeler at St.Peter's by Sally O'Brien Gifford
The Millbrook Needlework Guild

There’s a bit of history behind the Laudian frontal embroideries with cross and keys at St. Peter’s Church in Lithgow, and the kneelers and altar hangings made with silk and gold threads at Grace Church. After Erica Wilson died this past December—she is credited for reviving needlework in the US and globally—her obituary noted, “In 1954, she was recruited by a visiting American, a well-to-do woman who wanted to start a needlework guild in Millbrook, NY.” ( NY Times,12/13/2011”) 

41 Needlepoint cushion for priest's chair at St. Peter's by Margaret Parshall and Guild

42 Set of embroidered silks for the altar at St. Peter's by Margaret Parshall and Guild

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